Prevent Backup

Device users may want to backup their device data to later restore the data on a different or new device for various reasons.

IT may need to protect the data in the corporate set of apps from being backed up so company data cannot be transferred to a new unmanaged device or backup service.

Implementation Summary:

  • The recommended approach is to use the AppConfig Community best practices to configure a restriction profile to prevent backup to cloud services.

  • Alternative approaches include the use of keychain flags, file attributes, or AndroidManifest.xml flags during app development to prevent backup.

Platform AppConfig Community AirWatch SDK AirWatch App Wrapping
iOS Recommended N / A N / A
Android Recommended N / A N / A

AppConfig Community (Recommended):

  • Configure an iOS MDM Restriction Profile or Android for Work restriction profile to disable backup.

  • Requires enrollment into MDM.

  • Requires no coding.

  • Requires iOS 5+ or Android SAFE 2.0+ or Android LG 2.2+

Custom Development:

  • For iOS, store keychain items with ThisDeviceOnly attribute to prevent backing up to iCloud and save files using file system properties ending with ExcludedFromBackupKey.

  • For Android, add the android:allowBackup flag in the AndroidManfiest.xml and set the flag to false.

  • Requires coding.


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